Paintings in the works... from my studio

Sometimes the painting on rice paper comes first...sometimes it is the prepared canvas that initiates the image to come... often the painting on rice paper is ripped apart in sections before it is applied on the canvas.

New paintings in the preliminary stages


 New “SILHOUETTE” paintings are done!  Using water based brilliant color painted over the canvas surface then adding painting on rice paper as a repetitive pattern in a dark silhouette
of abstracted boat shapes against the brilliant sunset background.  

 “Sunset Silhouette of Boats 4” $99  “Sunset Silhouette of Boats 2” $199

I have beach and islands on my mind.  After more than a year of isolation for Covid-19, I dream of lazy days beachside, sun, the whispery breeze through the palms, the boat dancing on turquoise waters and brilliant tropical blossoms.